More information on LaRenner (that would be Lady Gagy + Jeremy Renner) is now leaking out, conveniently. Apparently it has to do with her ex-fiancé Christian Carino and how he treated her which was not well and so she found solace with Hawkeye instead of Rocket. Or maybe all of this is just a distraction so that all of you will stop shipping her with Bradley Cooper. Or maybe it’s a distraction so that we’ll never find out that Gaga and Coop are secretly married with children like Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson. (Dlisted) 

I’m linking you here to two Chloes: Chloe Grace Moretz and Chloe Sevigny because both of the are wearing bad pants. Sevigny’s pants are worse than Moretz’s pants but still, the problem with the pants is the flare. I don’t care how much sh-t gets resurrected from past eras, I am never going to be down with flared pants. (Go Fug Yourself) 

Courteney Cox is talking openly about miscarriages – her miscarriages, and she says she’s had many. We did a segment about this on The Social last year, about the conundrum of not sharing your pregnancy news before a certain “safe zone” but then if the terrible thing does happen, you hadn’t told anyone about it and a lot of women in that situation feel even more alone, which is what many shared with us on our show. The point is, when Courteney Cox is putting it on the table like “it happened to me, a lot” maybe there can be less secrecy and – in some cases – shame about the loss. (Cele|bitchy)

Do you take baths? I do, once a year, on holiday, I take a bath every night for two hours. At home though, for the other 50 weeks of the year, no baths. I might, however, be inclined to take more baths with a bath tray. These photos may be over-the-top but the actual tray itself? I feel like I would use it? (OMG Blog)

The Cut is asking if this Instagram haircut is a lie and I am here to tell you that it is 100% NOT A LIE in my life because this is the haircut that Duana has and the one she’s been talking about on Show Your Work for weeks, inspired by Natasha Lyonne in Russian Doll and now Daisy Jones & The Six. It looks amazing on Duana. She has the face for it and the hair texture. I don’t know if it would look good on me – but the point is, yes, it’s real and yes, Duana’s ahead of the curve and yes, you should consider it because it’s really, really stylish and fresh for spring and summer. (The Cut) 

Cruel Intentions is 20 years old and… I f-cking love it, still. Even though The Ringer says it may have “killed 90s teen movies”. Doesn’t matter. I will never, never not stop and catch my breath watching Reese Witherspoon and Sarah Michelle Gellar stab each other with their eyes in the bathroom near the end. (The Ringer)