Movie Stars at movie premieres were a regular daily occurrence, often a multiple daily occurrence, up until 15 months ago. Which is when Movie Stars stopped going to movie premieres because everything stopped. Over the last year, there have been occasional movie premieres, but in Hollywood, those premieres did not involve Movie Stars. 


Which is why our site manager, Emily, reacted to it like this when she saw the photos from the Cruella premiere. Emily is the person who scans the photo agencies for images and updates the team on what’s available. Last night she sent me this note: 

“This made my heart skip a beat. A movie star! At a premiere! In LA!”

Indeed. A Movie Star. At a premiere. In LA. 

The Hollywood Reporter is calling it the “first major Hollywood premiere in [the] pandemic eraand, f-ck, it’s been a while. So here’s Emma Stone, the Movie Star, promoting the upcoming Cruella in a gorgeous black suit over a white bowed blouse, an excellent belt, and a red clutch to match the film’s font and her lipstick. And her hair longer than we’ve seen it in a while, maybe ever? 


It looks even longer in this interview she did with SiriusXM to promote the movie, and here’s a clip that people are talking about when she was asked about winning her Oscar and what she was thinking at the time and it all had to do with Leonardo DiCaprio presenting to her – and he was her childhood crush and she was geeking out inside: 


Cruella premieres next week in theatres and on Disney+ Premium Access and early reviews are VERY positive with some critics describing it as “anti-Disney”, a movie that is “test[ing] the boundaries of a Disney film” in that it’s nowhere near wholesome. And, of course, there’s the set design and the fashion. I can’t f-cking wait to see this…at home. I mean that’s my reality right now because it’s lockdown here in Ontario but that might not be a bad thing in this case because I feel like I’m going to need multiple views. First time straight through, no pausing. Second time pausing and rewinding to pick up on the traded barbs between Emma Stone and Thompson. And third time obviously to fully appreciate every angle of every outfit. 


You know who else showed up to the premiere last night? Our boy Alan Kim! With his sister Alyssa who’s officially part of the Disney family because she played young Elsa in the Broadway National Tour of Frozen. As you can see, Alan’s working out some new poses, LOL. 

Alan Kim attends the Los Angeles premiere of Disney's "Cruella" at El Capitan Theatre on May 18, 2021 in Los Angeles, California