Lindsay Lohan is going to be one of the judges of The Masked Singer in Australia. I loved The Masked Singer here in North America – but the judges were ridiculous. They kept guessing Beyoncé! WHYYYYY would it EVER be Beyoncé?! Anyway, since Lindsay will soon be on TV in Australia, she’s trying out her Australian accent, because she’s an accent collector. I don’t know that this is any more or less embarrassing than any of the other times she’s danced or preached or tried to save children from their own family or whatever it is that she keeps attempting on social media but I do have a question about her Australian celebrity knowledge. Because many of the people they had on The Masked Singer in the US were celebrities who were not household names outside of North America. I’m really curious as to what Lindsay’s guesses are going to be. And whether or not her guesses will sound like this: “Is it Meryl Streep? Because I’ve worked with Meryl Streep, I worked with the legend herself, and we had several scenes together”. Like an endless series of namechecks, you know? (Dlisted) 

Last week, Naomi Campbell posted a video of her pre-flight cleaning routine and… well… I was unimpressed. She used the SAME wipe to clean several surfaces which means she was transferring dirt from one surface to another. What I do is I use a wipe for every single surface, starting with the TV screen. Then you drop that to the ground. After that you take a new wipe and go for the inside of the meal tray, followed by a new wipe for the outside of the meal tray. I use a wipe for each arm rest and a new wipe for the headrest and a wipe for the outside of the pouch and a wipe for all the contents in the pouch. At the end, I scoop up all the wipes and put them in the sick bag and drop it off in the garbage. When I return to my seat I have my hand sanitiser ready. You know why this is important, on top of all the benefits of disinfecting? It signals to the people around you that you are THAT PERSON, the judgy cleaning person. And it makes them check their own filthy, nasty behaviour. Anyway, this time Naomi is showing us her grocery shopping technique. I have an objection to this shopping list. RAISINS! Naomi Campbell eats my most hated food! (Cele|bitchy) 

I loooooove this dress on Elle Fanning even though it’s a v-neck. Hair is perfectly styled for the look too. Just a small issue with the shoes. Not sure sparkly goes with the vibe? (Go Fug Yourself) 

David Benioff and DB Weiss dropped out of Comic-Con presumably because they didn’t want to get egged by nerds. I don’t know that anyone needs to be that upset about Game of Thrones, so calm down, nerds, but also, I don’t know if the showrunners should have scurried away either. A lot of people worked really hard on the series and that’s worth showing up for, isn’t it? Clearly Seth Rogen was not impressed. So I guess he won’t get a part in D&D’s Star Wars project. (Pajiba) 

I was asked by the Toronto Star’s Karon Liu to come to the Star’s kitchen and make one of my signature dishes. Beef and tomato is one of my favourites. Anyone who’s ever spent time in Hong Kong will be familiar with this dish. I’m amazing at it – even when I don’t have my own wok. (Toronto Star)