It’s been a while since we posted about Natalie Portman. She’s been in Australia for a while now working on Thor: Love and Thunder. When she’s not shooting, she’s spent time with her family at the beach and at the park, which is where these shots were taken. 

Thor: Love and Thunder is currently scheduled for release on February 2022. So it’ll be over a year before we’ll see it and I’ll leave it to Sarah, in the coming months, to give you the nerd-down on where it fits into the overall story before, between, and after everything else that Marvel has planned especially as the pandemic has f-cked up so many plans. 


All we need to know now is that production has evidently started if she’s over there, even though there were some reports saying that they wouldn’t begin until January. It could be that they haven’t actually started shooting but she’s there for screen tests and wardrobe and other prep, and here’s where logistically it becomes even more of a pain in the ass than usual during the pandemic to be on location because on top of jetleg and time difference etc, you now have to factor in quarantine time – it’s two weeks on either end, so in total a month whenever you travel. Natalie is based in LA. So it’s not like she can be flying back and forth for prep etc. She may have just decided to park herself there for the long haul. It’s not like LA is super safe either. Yesterday they just announced no more outdoor dining because the case load is spiking so intensely. I wouldn’t want to go back to LA, would you? 

In other Thor news, Chris Hemsworth posted a photo of himself Thor-training the other day. 

For me? This is …too much! I would not want to hit that! Then again, I don’t get super horny over jacked muscles. You?