Speaking of Nepo Babies, Brooklyn Beckham says he’s working on opening a pub in LA and… I actually think this is a good idea for him. (Cele|bitchy) 


Matt Damon was supposed to be in Avatar but had to back out because of scheduling and because of that he missed out on a huge percentage payday – like $250 million. He’s talked about this before and now James Cameron is talking about it. But my question is… if he did Avatar and got paid for it, would he NOT have to promote crypto? (Dlisted) 

This really is a super cute outfit on Belinda Carlisle and it’s been a minute since we’ve seen her. But I love the black turtleneck over this pleated skirt and the pop of colour in her ears and the sparkly shoes too although I’m confused about the fishnets because for a skirt this length, I would never wear tights underneath – why bother? (Go Fug Yourself) 

Amber Heard confirmed yesterday that she settled the defamation case with Johnny Depp and she made it clear that this does not mean she concedes, only that she wants to finally move on from the situation. There’s an overwhelming amount of research to support that Amber was the target of a “coordinated disinformation campaign against her” and that toxicity has persisted well after the trial. Back in November, more than 130 people and organisations, including many feminist and agencies supporting victims of domestic violence signed an open letter in Amber’s defence. Amber said in her statement that the settlement does not mean that she will be silenced and given the allies she has who have spoken up for her, hopefully she can now, finally, rebuild. (Pajiba) 

On TikTok, caviar has become a food trend and it’s now being referred to as the lipstick index of cuisine. (Eater)