Y’all know that I am excited for Glass Onion, aka Knives Out 2. I LOVE Knives Out, I have seen it at least ten times at this point, since it came out in 2019, it has been one of my go-to comfort movies (it got a lot of play in 2020). I am SO excited for Glass Onion, for a new Benoit Blanc mystery, and it is my #1 must-see film of TIFF. Yes, there are many elegant and compelling films coming to TIFF, but all I REALLY care about is the fun murder movie, thank you very much. This week brought us good Glass Onion news, as the release date is set for December 23 on Netflix, making it Netflix’s big holiday film for 2022.


Glass Onion is set in Greece, at a hotel. “Luxury resort/hotel” is a second-tier mystery setting in my estimation—unless said hotel is a Swiss chalet—but the potential for Daniel Craig to wear many natty summer-weight suits is HIGH, so I will take the style in trade for the setting. The first official image from the film does show Benoit Blanc wearing a tan suit while squaring off with Edward Norton’s character. Half of Hollywood is in this movie, and this image shows Craig, Norton, Kathryn Hahn, Dave Bautista, Leslie Odom, Jr., Kate Hudson, Janelle Monae, Jessica Henwick—she is hot like Hansel right now—and Madelyn Cline around a lavish dinner service. Not pictured: Ethan Hawke.


There is also a behind-the-scenes shot of Rian Johnson and Monae set against a striking Greek sunset:


That tote! Knives Out was so couched in the mystery aesthetic of the country house, I am curious to see how Rian Johnson interprets the luxury resort. Prior to its Netflix release, Glass Onion will also have some kind of theatrical run, but there are no details on that yet. I know Netflix is not in the theater business, but just as a reminder, Knives Out made over $300 million in 2019, and if the summer box office has shown us anything, it’s that people WANT to go to the movies again, even when the pickings are slim (like they are right now). Not putting Glass Onion into as many theaters as will take it is leaving money on the table, even for Netflix.