Tomorrow, it’ll be exactly a year since the release of To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before on Netflix, which seems unreal because I feel like I’ve been waiting for the sequel, PS I Still Love You, to arrive for decades. Good news! We can all start making our countdown calendars because Netflix has announced the release date for TATBILB 2 in an Instagram video with Lana, Noah, and Jordan. 


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The sequel will premiere on February 12, which is RIGHT AFTER MY BIRTHDAY (happy birthday to me), but also two days before Valentine’s Day. That’s still eons away, but it’s the right release time for this movie. As we’ve all been anticipating, TATBILB 2 is the showdown movie between John Ambrose McClaren and Peter Kavinsky. Obviously, it’s going to be romantic as hell, but as Lainey noted when Jordan Fisher was first cast in the role of John Ambrose, it’s going to tear some families and friendships apart. So, like, I guess it’s a good date movie? But maybe it’ll cause more problems than not? I’m petty enough to cancel my Valentine’s plans if my significant other and I were not on the same side of this battle. None of this agree to disagree bullsh-t. 

Along with the announcement, the cast also told us that TATBILB 3: Always & Forever, Lara Jean is in production! The third and final installment in the series deals with Lara Jean’s final year in school. As she tries to figure out which college she wants to attend, she needs to consider the impact it will have on her relationship with her boyfriend. Does she even want a relationship at all? 

The fact that they’ve already moved TATBILB 3 into production means that Netflix is confident that TATBILB 2 will do well. When it comes to sequels, especially for strong first movies, there’s always a fear that the sequel might not live up to the hype. I’m not particularly worried about that for TATBILB 2, especially with Jordan Fisher on board, but it is comforting to know that a third is on its way. Plus, I think I would probably die if I didn’t get to see the final resolution to the trilogy, so thank you Netflix for thinking of me and my anxiety.

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