Like I said last week when it was confirmed that Prince Andrew has been stripped of his titles and no longer an HRH, the royal family doesn’t get flowers for finally doing the right thing. It was the only thing – they had no other choice. That’s why they waited until Judge Lewis Kaplan made his ruling that Virginia Roberts Giuffre’s lawsuit against Andrew could proceed. Which tells you that up to that point, they were still hoping to protect Andrew, and may still be protecting Andrew, considering what happened this weekend with the leak of Prince Harry’s security situation. 


Because, of course, now that Virginia’s case is going to court, there will likely be a lot more sh-t coming out about Andrew in the fall. But we don’t actually have to wait that long – because there’s a new documentary airing in the UK on ITV tomorrow, and the title of the doc alone is a problem for the royal family: 

Ghislaine, Prince Andrew and the Paedophile 

Well there’s a bedtime story. 

Ghislaine, of course, is Ghislaine Maxwell, convicted sex-trafficker, and the pedophile, obviously, is Andrew’s friend, the dead rapist pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, and the way ITV producers have chosen this title, it’s like Andrew is sandwiched between them in a sick threesome which I’m sure is probably not going over well at Buckingham Palace. And by the way, it’s highly unlikely they wouldn’t have known about this documentary ahead of time and only just found out about it when the public did.


After all, the documentary includes commentary from Paul Page, former Buckingham Palace Royal Protection Officer, who for the first time on television is talking about how often Ghislaine was at Buckingham Palace. Video below:


Four times in one day (!), in and out, like Buckingham Palace was the corner store, lol. This, evidently, was how much Andrew respected the headquarters of the British monarchy. And this is why Ghislaine Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein thought they were untouchable – because people like Prince Andrew, the beloved second son of the Queen of England, were giving them all-access passes to places like Buckingham Palace and Balmoral. 


But that’s also how Andrew was flexing. He couldn’t match the Maxwells and the Epsteins of the world with money. But their money couldn’t buy what he had and he clearly exploited his position to its full extent. You’ll note, in the video above, after sharing that story about how Ghislaine was gallivanting in and out of Buckingham Palace unchecked, he also talks about Andrew and his stuffed toys – teddy bears that he’d freak out over if they weren’t positioned exactly the way he wanted them to be by the cleaning staff. Apparently he was so power-trippy about these f-cking bears, they kept a photo of how he needed them to be ordered or risk getting berated by him if they did it wrong. 

By this point, I think it’s well-known that Andrew is a spoiled f-ck. I’m not sure that we knew that his spoiled f-ckery extended to stuffed animals but this is also a classic example of abuse of power. When you are that spoiled and that enabled, the best way to highlight it is over the smallest and most insignificant of issues like M&Ms in only one colour, and teddy bears arranged in specific order. 


But also, WTF is with this dude and the stuffed toys and puppets? Remember the puppet thing? The allegations that he used a puppet of himself to grope victims at Jeffrey Epstein’s place? Rich people and their kinks, seriously. 

Let that be the image that the British royal family has to sit with now: one of their own, the Andrew formerly known as HRH, accused of rape, who gave unlimited access to Buckingham Palace to a possible former lover who is now a convicted sex offender, who may have a stuffed bear fetish and is accused of puppet sex games with underage girls. You think this will make the cover of the Daily Mail?