The spoiler buffer for Avengers: Endgame is officially over, because there is a new trailer for Spider-Man: Far From Home and it is straight up giving away major Endgame plot points. This trailer gives us a better view of Peter Parker post-re-snap, still reeling from That Thing That Happened and getting back in the groove as Spider-Man. This trailer also gives us more of Jake Gyllenhaal as Mysterio, and explains his origin—he’s from an alternate reality. Nick Fury says that snapping and re-snapping the universe tore a hole in our dimension, and now Other Stuff is coming through. Spider-Man is like, Surely this is someone else’s problem? And really, it DOES seem like multiverse stuff would fall under Doctor Strange’s purview, as interdimensional travel is part of his whole deal. (Also, the Russo brothers were out here implying Steve Rogers was going to be the key to an alternate dimension, which puts him in the darkest timeline, but Nick Fury’s “eh, the snaps did it” explanation is FINE. It’s all space magic bullsh-t anyway, why make it too particular and complicated?) But it is falling to Spider-Man, who is being pushed into the position of the new Iron Man.

I like this trailer better than the first, because I am invested in Peter’s journey and I like his vibe with his friends and MJ a whole lot. I am also intrigued by Mysterio, a classic Spidey villain, being set up as a hero from another world. I want to know how he makes that turn in THIS world. But I still do not give a sh-t about the actual scale of this story. When Peter objects to world-saving shenanigans because he is a “friendly, NEIGHBORHOOD Spider-Man”, Fury tosses off, “Bitch please, you’ve been to space.” In and of itself, that is a great line. But Spider-Man IS a smaller-scale character. Not every Avenger has to operate at the same level, and Spider-Man should be the micro to Captain Marvel’s macro. And again, interdimensional beings REALLY sounds like a job for Doctor Strange.

So I am still mixed on Far From Home. All the elements I like remain those that belong to Peter Parker’s daily life. I am interested in this new concept of Mysterio. And I do like those bits of Mysterio counseling Peter. His relationship with Tony was wonderful, but I am slightly bummed we never got the classic “Captain America pep talks Spider-Man” dynamic from the comics, but here it seems like MYSTERIO is actually filling that role. (“Sometimes people die” is the exact advice Cap once gave Scarlet Witch.) But I am just turned off by the large-scale fight scenes and exploding cities. Maybe it’s because Endgame just delivered such a massive battle, maybe it’s because this is our THIRD superhero movie already this year, but I am a little burnt out and find the Spidey vs. gangsters fight in the beginning of the trailer much more charming than anything involving giant water and rock monsters. I hope it all comes out in the wash, because I really love how Tom Holland plays this character, but I can’t help feeling more than a little resignation that Spider-Man will lose his neighborly charms in favor of more disaster porn.