You know who might be the biggest beneficiary right now of all that Don’t Worry Darling drama and Chris Pine spacing out and maybe getting spat on and Miss Flo swanning in and out of that festival totally unbothered? Leonardo DiCaprio. 


Leo was last week’s biggest gossip story when news broke that he and Camila Morrone are no more now that she’s 25 years old. And he was roasted for days at a time when the culture can only pay attention to something for ten minutes. Leo was the punchline for almost the entire week. So I would imagine it’s a relief for him that Twitter has moved on to Harry Styles possibly depositing his saliva on Chris Pine’s lap. 

Can’t we do both, though? Can’t we keep our gossip focus on the DWD mess and continue to clown Leo? 


Here’s the thing about Leo’s exes though. While he may not be capable of romantic maturation, life after Leo, for almost all of them, doesn’t suck. Here’s Camila partying at Kaia Gerber’s 21st birthday party this weekend. 

Kaia Gerber and Camila Morrone from Kaia's Instagram Stories

With the new breakup bangs, she looks a little like Anne Hathaway there, non? 


As for the question some people have been asking – Camila was seen out with friends and the dogs. She and Leo were together, like super serious, when the dogs came into her life. They shared a home during lockdown (Camila was seen recently getting a new apartment) so now that they’ve split, will the dogs still see Leo? Or is that too much responsibility for him?