Hugh Jackman’s birthday is today, he is now 55 years old…and single. It’s been a month since he and Deborra-Lee Furness announced their separation after 27 years. Here’s Hugh this morning out for a walk with his best friend Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively. Maria was talking about sweaters yesterday in her weekly As Seen column and here’s a good one on Blake. 


Hugh and Ryan have been friends for a long time. They’re colleagues, they’re collaborators, and they’re obviously very, very close. Hugh was with Ryan when he and Blake were part of Taylor Swift’s entourage for Sunday Night Football a couple of weeks ago. In my experience, this is what happens often when someone goes through a breakup – you basically hunker down with your friends. 

When Jacek’s best friend got divorced over 20 years ago, he was at our place every day for months. We all talked about it just this past summer when he came to stay with us for a few days. He’s now remarried but back then, he was on his own, he was lonely, he was confused, he needed company, and he needed cheerleaders. So for a while there we were a threesome (and, conveniently, we all play golf together as a threesome). I was the one who set him up with the woman who would become his wife and with whom he shares a child. So when I see this scene, of Hugh, Ryan, and Blake, I get it, I know what this is. Or at least I presume I know what this is. For the next little while, Hugh is going to be hunkered down with his boy and Blake.