Katie Holmes is single now, having broken up with Emilio Vitolo Jr after less than a year of dating, so anyone she walks around town with is going to be a romantic question mark, especially for the paps. Here she is in New York the other day out with what they’re calling a “mystery man” which is a regular gossip expression when we see a famous person with a non-famous person, “mystery woman”, “mystery man”, and it creates intrigue, sometimes unnecessarily. Like if we sub out “mystery man” with “friend”, the interest level changes, right? 


A mystery man can still be a friend though so, sure, it’s possible that whoever this person is connects with Katie on a “mystery man” level but if that’s the case, it also means that they’re also friends. She and her friend look like they’re having a good time on a summer day, with their masks off, because New York is reopen and now can we talk about these jeans? Because while I have enjoyed a few pairs of Katie’s jeans lately, this is not one of them. I prefer these jeans that she wore last week…

Katie Holmes out in New York, June 14, 2021

Katie is a celebrity so she can have as many pairs of jeans as she wants to. But for civilians, if you have the pair I just showed you, you don’t need the ones she’s wearing in the photos below. I hate those pockets. I don’t love how they fall and they don’t look as comfortable either. The denim in the current pair doesn’t look like there’s much give. Whereas the way the ones from earlier last week are cut, it allows more room for movement – and air flow! That’s another thing about the jeans Katie was wearing yesterday. It’s hot in New York right now. Nobody needs all that material hugging the skin!