Deadline had the exclusive yesterday  - Halle Berry and Angelina Jolie have signed on to do a movie together…and it’s an ACTION movie. 


Multiple studios apparently wanted in on this and Warner Bros came out with the rights after a bidding war and that tracks, because these are two Oscar winners, both with experience and success in the action genre, and while story details have been kept secret, they’re describing it as a “Bond vs Bourne” situation. Which sets up an adversarial situation – two top spies going head to head, and probably eventually kicking the sh-t out of each other. In style, of course. We need this. Soon!

Hopefully it’ll be soon. If there was a bidding war it means they know the interest is high and they’ll want this to happen as quickly as they can manage. Both Halle and Angelina are signed on as producers with Roseanne Liang directing which I imagine they would have pushed for – the category is a woman directing two women in an international spy action movie with big studio funding. 


Halle, as we’ve seen over the last few years, with John Wick and Bruised, has had more recent experience with action. For Angelina, it’s been a minute… but there are a lot of people out there who have been yelling, for years, about a sequel to Wanted and/or Salt, especially Salt (Ira Madison III has been vocal about this) and while this is neither of those two, it does put her back in a role that requires a lot of physicality and giving “I will f-ck you up” energy. Maleficent had some of that, no doubt, but Maleficent’s bad bitch was more in her facial expressions. Angie’s bad bitch will be coming out of her whole body on this one. 

It's a dream team, really. A dream casting confirmation. Between the set photos and the social media and the press tour and all the looks they’ll be serving on the red carpet and of course the movie itself… everyone wins here, how can we speed this up!?