After the Billboard Music Awards last week, Nick Jonas left a comment on Jenna Dewan’s Instagram. And people wondered whether or not he was letting Jenna know that he was ready to be her first post-Chan situation. One of my millennial colleagues just told me that his last dates were set up on Instagram. So. 


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Look, I’m old as f-ck compared to these people, I know. And the old as f-ck reaction to this kind of sh-t on IG is to be like, whatever, it’s just a comment on IG. But Instagram can tell us a lot about how someone is spending their time, give insight into their behaviour. Nick leaving a comment on Jenna’s IG means that he was scrolling through his phone and checking her feed and pausing for long enough to make sure she knew that not only did he see her photo, he wanted her to know that he saw her photo and liked it. It’s layers upon layers of message-deciphering. I’m telling you – when you’re in this world and live by this world, nothing is accidental, all messages are intentional, and every move is adjusted accordingly. This is why people were also “calling out Nick for being so deeply thirsty”.

But that was a week ago. On Sunday Nick was seen with Priyanka Chopra at the Dodgers game: 

Priyanka and Nick have known each other a while. They both repped Ralph Lauren at the Met Gala in 2017: 


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So… is this simply two friends hanging out at baseball? Well, there’s also this: 

It looks like they were together at least twice on Memorial Day weekend. Baseball and a day on the yacht with friends. Note that in both shots Priyanka and Nick are side by side. And Nick has been known to enjoy the company of an older woman. 

So….is it enough to call it a thing? 

Attached - Nick out in LA for lunch with Kevin Jonas the other day.