Earlier when I was writing about Gal Gadot’s one dress, and I shared that thought with Duana and Kathleen, Duana argued that most people have one dress, citing Jennifer Lawrence as an example. I don’t know if I agree with this. Jennifer Lawrence wears one designer, because she’s contractually obligated. But I don’t associate one dress shape with Jennifer Lawrence, do you? She ranges from princess to slinky and she’s even dabbled in weird. Sofia Vergara though? Totally. Sofia Vergara and Gal Gadot have the same style DNA. 

Nicole Kidman does not share that DNA. You can’t identify Nicole Kidman by one dress. She’s parrots one day, regal the next, Victorian too, and we’ve seen her in sheer and sexy as well. Nicole has said that her approach to fashion is to never be boring and predictable. This is why when she’s on a list, we wait for her to show up, to see what she’s decided this time. 

Last night at the Oscars, she went with structure and shape over practicality. And that’s another reason to appreciate Nicole Kidman – she will fully commit to an outfit like it’s a character she’s playing. If the outfit requires her to not swing her arms, as this amazing dress did, to hold her arms always behind her body, never going past the giant bow, then so be it. She is that dedicated to the look. Which is how she’s managed to wear this dress like an art piece. I love it. It’s not my favourite colour, it’s not my favourite material, and I still love it, in spite of all that, because she was singular on that carpet last night – no other dress looked anything like hers, almost as though she had advance notice that champagne would be in abundance. And sequins as usual. And a lot of tulle and chiffon. But that few, if any, would be doing taffeta-possible-heavy-satin-sculptural in sapphire blue.