The first half of 2024 has been nothing but wins for Demi Moore. She’s one of the cast members of Feud: Capote vs The Swans. She slayed at the Met Gala. And she went into Cannes a few weeks ago with all kinds of hype about her performance in The Substance, a horror film about an actress who creates a younger version of herself with a black-market drug. 


The hype became reality when The Substance was warmly received by festival audiences and now there’s talk of a possible Oscar nomination. This is early, obviously, but the film is scheduled for release in September, and it is possible to sustain momentum through the summer and then take the campaign to the next level in the fall. Possible. I’m not saying it will happen, I’m just saying it can be done. 


Demi, however, is making headlines this week for other reasons, although maybe we can look at it as all the same reason? While she was in Cannes, she was seen spending time with Joe Jonas. They were photographed having lunch with some other people at the Hotel du Cap which, at the time, didn’t seem unusual since there are so many stars in Cannes during the festival, they’re all bound to run into each other and hang – at parties and premieres and especially at the Hotel du Cap.

Demi Moore is seen lunching with Joe Jonas at Eden Roc in Antibes, France, May 24, 2024

But now Page Six is reporting that Demi and Joe have “bonded”. Still, it seems Page Six’s sources don’t agree on what their relationship actually is because one is telling them that it’s definitely romantic while the other is insisting that they’re just friends who have mutual friends, one of them being stylist Brad Goreski. 

Joe is recently single after breaking up with Stormi Bree a few weeks ago. Demi is also single. And you are lying if you had this on your bingo card. Nobody could have seen this coming, if this is actually something which… I’m not entirely convinced but I’m also very willing to be convinced. Demi and Joe are the kind of story that can shake up our gossip ecosystem, and especially if she’s a contender for an Oscar, making her rounds on the campaign trail with a Jonas Brother – I kinda love this for us, I love it for gossip. It’s random as f-ck but I’m excited to see how it might play out. 


And Demi may have had some inspiration. She was the one who presented Cher at the Cannes amfAR gala and Cher’s been with Alexander “AE” Edwards, 40 years her junior, for almost a year now. The age difference between Demi, 61, and Joe, 34, is over a decade less. In my imagination, Cher’s the biggest cheerleader of this situationship. It would be one of the wildest celebrity double dates we’ve ever seen, and now I kinda want to Gossip Genie this sh-t into existence. 

Also attached, Demi in New York with her dog yesterday. For those of you old enough to remember Demi as Jules in St Elmo’s Fire… isn’t dating Joe Jonas exactly what Jules would have done at this age?!   

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