Did you see everyone talking about Noah Centineo a few days ago? That was the intention all along when he and his trainer posted videos and photos of him in the gym and how he’s transformed his body. Noah has been getting into superhero shape. And, well, he’s pretty much there. 


I appreciate him for calling it what it is: 


And I’m sure the studio doesn’t mind either, seeing their talent show off the muscles of his labour – and perhaps convincing some in the comic book space, and you know how toxic that can be, that the guy who became famous from playing Peter Kavinsky in To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before has the physicality for this role. 

The role is Atom Smasher and the movie is Dwayne The Rock Johnson’s Black Adam. Atom Smasher? I say this as someone who does not read comic books but I do respect the artform and I am all in on Avengers. It’s just… some of the names, I mean, I get that sometimes it helps to be literal about what a superhero’s power is but Atom Smasher is just … like…lol, Jacek just said it’s from the same family as “Space Force”, hahahahhahaha.  

Anyway, whatever, I’m sure Noah will be great, whatever his character’s name is, and he’s clearly working hard, The Rock must approve of his “go get it” take-no-prisoners energy. Speaking of The Rock though, Noah may have enjoyed a moment of the internet losing it over his body but Black Adam is 100% The Rock and no matter how cut Noah gets, this won’t change. It was The Rock who made the announcement about the movie this weekend: 


They’re supposed to start shooting in April, which is three days from now, so this is what Noah’s been preparing for. He does have a few days left of downtime though and he was papped the other day picking up some snacks. You’ll note, in his street clothes, with the abs and the pecs covered, he still has that boyish vibe. PK is still in there, don’t worry.