Before we jump into this story, we need to set the table. First off, the rumour (which we will get to in a minute) was posted on Deux Moi, a 2020 version of Gawker Stalker-meets-early aughts gossip blogs-meets-Tumblr. The people who run the account have made it clear that they provide the gossip but they do not vet the stories. It is up to the reader to decide what to believe and not to believe. 


Next, some people consider Noah Centineo to be himbo. What is a himbo? For that, I’ll direct you to Morgan Sung’s piece in Mashable about hot simple men and why she loves them

Like Lainey always says, gossip is a buffet. And no city is more known for its buffets than Las Vegas, Nevada, so let’s eat. Yesterday Deux Moi posted a rumour that Noah Centineo and Kardashian-adjacent Instagram influencer Anastasia Karanikolaou (who goes by Stassiebaby) got hitched in Vegas. Here are the screenshots. 

Deux Moi screenshots
Deux Moi screenshots

An entertainment journalist tried to contact the person who tweeted about the proposal but it’s since been deleted. Even with this, we have options. It could be because the person who tweeted it didn’t want the attention; it could be that an outlet is willing to pay for the exclusive, or it could be that, outside of the pool party haze, they weren’t sure it was a proposal. 


Here’s what we do know: Stassiebaby was at the Wynn, she posted about it. (FYI, the Wynn’s staff has had over 500 positive Covid cases and 3 deaths – that seems insane to me.) She posted photos from her room; in one shot she’s hiding her hands and in the next it looks like she’s wearing a large ring (flip to second shot), which could mean anything. 

OK – so is it true? Again, there are options. Maybe they got “married” without paperwork. Maybe they are legally married and want to keep it on the DL until they can get it annulled. Maybe they are engaged. Maybe it was just a wild night in Vegas and they piled into a limo to go to a wedding chapel and got sidetracked at In-N-Out. Pick and choose your appetizer, your entrée, your side dishes, and your dessert. 

If it is true, I think it’s wonderful that Generation Z is carrying on the tradition of the Vegas elopement (see: Britney Spears and random childhood friend, Carmen Elektra and Dennis Rodman). Noah Centineo is 24 and Stassiebaby is 22, still young enough to write it off as a youthful indiscretion, a story to tell when they are in a rocking chair. What would surprise me most is that they’ve managed to keep it somewhat quiet, with no Snapchats or Instagram stories or leaks. 

Noah has been posting on social media wearing a mask and voting information, so he’s playing it cool. And being responsible. We’ll find out if he’s a lawfully wedded himbo soon enough.