That was a clickbaity headline, you got me. But I do have R-rated angle here about Peter Kavinsky Noah Centineo. Let me start with the PG content first though. 

This punk. He just reposted a back to school photo that Netflix put up on IG a few days ago. But check out his caption. Noah knows exactly what he’s doing with that caption. 


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Punk. And still…

Can you get enough of the way Peter looks at Lara Jean? The answer would be no. Even though tomorrow you might be all about the way he, now as Jamey, looks at Sierra. Sierra Burgess is a Loser starts streaming on Netflix tomorrow. And I.Am.Stressing. Because I’m on TIFF duty right now. My days and nights are stupid busy. By the time I get home, usually after 1am, I need to sleep. Right now I’m looking at an average of maybe four hours a night all weekend. How can I sleep though? How can I sleep when I know that there’s a new Noah teen rom-com waiting for me on the TV box? 

OK so that’s the PG part. The R-rated part is what he posted on Instastory last night. 


Pretty sure that’s a scene from Gaspar Noe’s Love, starring Karl Glusman and Aomi Muyock. Have you seen it? The buzz around this film when it came out a few years ago was that it was real f-cking. I don’t know where they landed on that, whether or not it was really real or not but the characters do a lot of f-cking. Some of it is super hot f-cking. Some of it is angry f-cking. Some of it is experimental f-cking. And Noah was trying to tell us that he was watching all that f-cking last night.


Also. Who is he thirst trapping?!?

And also #2. Is this the kind of work he’d like to be doing once he graduates from high school movies? If you’ve done the thing on Google that I’ve been hinting at, it’s not like, um he wouldn’t have the experience. 

PS. If you’ve seen Love, you know what Zoe Kravitz is working with.