This is not a surprise – Jennifer Aniston will be one of Ellen DeGeneres’s final guests as she wraps up her show. They’re good friends, Jen was Ellen’s first guest, she’s co-hosted for Ellen before, so of course she’ll show up. But does it seem like Ellen’s wind-down has been super quiet? Normally when we approach the end of a long television run, you hear about it for months. We’re getting real close to Ellen shutting it down and there’s barely been any noise. At least in my feeds, maybe it’s different in yours? (Dlisted)


Amanda Seyfried covers Marie Claire’s beauty issue and I didn’t think much of her makeup – only that the cheeks are exaggerated and whether or not that’s some kind of trend – until the Fug Girls pointed out that the look could be interpreted in a way that’s much more disturbing than just a makeup trend. As I said, I didn’t see it at first but now that it’s in my head, I now can’t unsee it. (Go Fug Yourself)

There’s a rumour going around that Prince Albert is paying Princess Charlene a lot of money to stay in the marriage. This is coming from French and Belgian outlets but Page Six is saying it’s not true. The thing is…last year French gossips were saying that she’d left Monaco for South Africa and would never come back and that she’d escaped the marriage and that turned out to not be true so I’m not sure what these sources are doing over in Europe but there seem to be a lot of conspiracy theories about what’s going on in that palace. (Cele|bitchy)

Azealia Banks claims that Lady Gaga has a personal vendetta against Nicki Minaj and wanted Azealia to join her side and she says she has the receipts too. (OMG Blog) 

Well, we’re living in the time of the scammer and one of the OGs, the Hipster Grifter, is back! (The Cut)