PLEASE! Please let this happen. If *NSYNC launches a comeback without that ringletted pipsqueak, please, can we come together, and make it a mission, give it our all, and turn it into a smash success? LET’S DO THIS. And not just out of spite – but because JC should get his due! This is our mission. I’m starting the crusade. (Dlisted) 

Last year it was Pink on the cover of PEOPLE Magazine’s Most Beautiful issue. This year it’s Jennifer Garner. I don’t mind the photo they used for the cover except I wish we could see more of it because I think I love those boots and the way they look with the skirt. (Go Fug Yourself) 


I like Brie Larson’s TIME 100 dress better than the one she wore to the Avengers: Endgame premiere. This is Prada and I’m particularly in the shade of green on this material. A forest green would have been kinda basic. This green is borderline obnoxious. Not quite, but it goes right up to that puke green edge and I’m not mad at it. (Cele|bitchy) 

The Jonas Brothers album cover features them looking into a pool. We see sneakers. We see asses. You know my first thought? Y Tu Mama Tambien. That is probably, hopefully, NOT the vibe they were after but it just reminded me that it’s been a minute since I’ve watched that movie and I should probably put that on the list. (OMG Blog) 

A lot of people are celebrating the 13 Going on 30 anniversary this week. Did you know that Brie Larson was in it? I didn’t. Neither did Mark Ruffalo LOL. And they broke it to him on the carpet at the Endgame premiere. He is as cute now as he was then. Maybe even cuter. (The Cut) 

Tom Holland was not at the Endgame premiere the other night – either because he was on set working or because…ummmm….they didn’t want him there answering questions, spoiling things. He’s not good with the secrets but LOOK AT HIM WITH THE PUPPIES! (Buzzfeed)