Oh my god the purple carpet was SO BIG at the Avengers: Endgame premiere last night. It felt a little like the Oscars, or the Met Gala, or Cannes, or any event, really, where it’s just constant “this person! And this person! THAT person!”. Lainey and I were emailing beforehand about who was covering whom, and she begrudgingly gave me Brie Larson, saying, “She’s going to wear something f-cking amazing, I can feel it.” Well, she did not wear something f-cking amazing. Larson rocked the sh-t out of the press events leading up to this, but her dress for the big night was merely okay. Points for the infinity gauntlet-inspired jewelry, that is a GREAT touch (Scarlett Johansson had a similar idea), but the dress itself is blah. Although, to be honest, I don’t think anything she could have worn would top that blue caped gown from the Captain Marvel press tour.

Also at the premiere was everyone’s favorite hetero option for Captain Marvel’s unnecessary love interest, Thor. Chris Hemsworth turned up in a blue paisley suit. He’s gotten really good at bright colors and patterns. He can wear this without looking cheesy, but I fear in 20 years’ time he’s going to enter Johnny Depp territory. Sometimes Hemsworth wears a scarf and a bunch of rings and it gives me chills, is all I’m saying. For now, though, he’s safely in the “this looks cool and like I’m trying just hard enough” zone. A lot of dudes riffed on the BIV spectrum—was that like, a Marvel mandate for the night?—and I think this is my favorite version of the look. I just love the pattern so much, and Hemsworth is a big dude but he doesn’t let the volume of pattern overwhelm him. To quote Lainey, this is the most attractive I’ve ever found him.

Five seconds of Thor and Carol squaring off in an Endgame teaser was enough to get the internet to ship it, so the question is, will Marvel respond to the excitement and give us a Thor/Carol crossover? It could totally work. They could topline a space-set Avengers movie. They could pop up in the next installment in a respective solo franchise. Thor and Carol are of a similar power set, of a similar mind set, and have similar intergalactic concerns. A crossover makes total sense. More on this later. For now, let’s bask in the violet glow of space heroes dressed on the BIV spectrum. Man, I really wish Brie had a better dress.