The Black Widow movie continues teasing us, making a stop at D23 the other day where some footage was screened—sounds like the same kitchen fight scene between Natasha Romanov and Yelena Belova—though the cast, still filming, was not present for this one. We do have, however, some new Black Widow duds to examine. First up, a poster by Marvel artist Andy Park:

I do not care for this suit, but two things: 1) This is the first time they haven’t given Natasha a twenty-inch waist on the poster, and 2) the gold detailing on her suit echoes her classic comic book look. Other than those two bits of detail, I really hope that either this suit looks better on screen, or this poster is drawing from some unused concept art and she has a different suit in the movie. I just don’t get the part where her suit is unzipped but then she has a buckle thing across her chest. Why not just zip up?! Why is this suit so complicated?! She once wore a fully electrified suit, courtesy Tony Stark, and it was not as complicated as this suit. 

MUCH better looking is the snow suit:

This is also drawn from the comics, and I love how streamlined and simple it is. Really dig the snow suit, can’t wait to see it in action. Natasha’s costumes should never be overworked—leave the goth accoutrement to Hawkeye. In the comics, Natasha wears this suit while working in the USSR, which has everyone wondering if Sebastian Stan might be popping in for a cameo in a flashback. Honestly, I could live without that. At this point, Natasha and Bucky’s relationship in the MCU is just completely different from the comics, so I could take or leave using Natasha’s one solo appearance to prop up fan service surrounding “BuckyNat”. I am MUCH more interested in seeing Scarlett Johansson, Florence Pugh, and Rachel Weisz in action as multi-generational Black Widows. 

Florence Pugh is prominent on that poster, but we don’t really get to see much of Rachel Weisz. David Harbour, complete with big bushy beard and red cowl—he’s playing Red Guardian, think USSR Captain Soviet—is more clearly seen. Looming over ScarJo, though, is a masked villain called Taskmaster. Speculation says Weisz is playing Taskmaster. I’m not 100% sold on that. Her character is officially called “Melina Vostokov”, and in the comics, Melina Vostokov is a villain called Iron Maiden. It seems likely Weisz is a secret villain, but no one knows exactly which one. Maybe when we get a trailer later this year, we’ll have more clues. As ever, this movie is seven years too late, and I am mostly here for Florence Pugh and now the prospect of Rachel Weisz playing a villain.