Olivia Rodrigo’s style or … lack of style?... is fascinating to me. She’s a popstar! But when she shows up on red carpets and award shows, I never clock her fashion. I can barely remember any of her outfits. And I definitely don’t understand this outfit?! This is giving “guest at a wedding in 2004”, lol. Maybe Olivia’s style is to not care about style, and that’s fine too. I just feel like there was a choice made here, and if there was an active choice, then there was some effort. And, well, I just don’t get it. (Go Fug Yourself) 


This Hot Bitch Sharon Stone thinks she’s hotter now than she’s ever been and says that just as many people want to sleep with her than they ever have and I believe her. She also sounds very horny, and this is the same attitude I plan to have when I’m in my 60s. (Cele|bitchy)

Uproxx names its best albums of the year and Jungkook’s GOLDEN made the list – and it is indeed a very good album which, again, means that nobody needed f-cking Justin Timberlake to be on the remix. (Uproxx) 


Sean Astin joins the Nepo-Baby Cool Club by acknowledging that he is indeed a Nepo-Baby and doesn’t get all twisted up in a word salad trying to make excuses for it. Also I had NO idea about his incredible paternity story! (Pajiba)

Have you heard about Oxford’s word of the year? I have indeed heard it all year. I have not used it in a sentence spontaneously, only when I’ve been in conversations about the actual word. And I guess I’m just a crusty old c-nt about it because I don’t understand why it has to be shortened from its origin. CHARISMA is suuuuuch a great word, it’s so interesting! With the hard “ch” sound off the top and the combination of the “s” and “m” and a word ending in “a” is always fun! Why don’t the youths appreciate the beauty of this word in its fullness?! (The Mary Sue)