Olivia Rodrigo wore vintage Versace to the Grammys and yes, it’s a gorgeous dress and it’s gorgeous on her but… this kinda goes back to my whole thing about Olivia’s style: it’s safe and a little boring. What’s missing from a lot of her choices is FUN. Give me FUN. You know why Miley’s wild hair and wild looks were so popular last night? Because it’s FUN. (Go Fug Yourself) 


All the Super Bowl ads are rolling out and someone has given Jason Momoa to fulfill what is clearly a lifelong wish to sing and dance because no one’s giving him a film role to do that. As you can see, he gives it his all, and it’s kinda charming. I chuckled when Zach Braff’s shoulder came down, but I screamed when Jennifer Beals showed up. This commercial? It’s for MY generation! (Uproxx) 

John Krasinski is promoting his new movie, IF, starring Ryan Reynolds and Ryan Reynolds doesn’t recognise him, which is ridiculous. But it’s also just like the time Dwight didn’t recognise Jim on The Office – a scene I totally forgot about until just now. It’s still very, very, very funny. (Pajiba) 


As we’ve said a few times today in our Grammys coverage, the girls are running pop now, then, and to come – and Fantasia showed up last night in that spirit, destroying the stage with her vocals and charisma and energy. Also, another round of applause for her stylist, Daniel Hawkins, this award season because every single look has been fire. (Cele|bitchy) 

Did you read that nonsense New York Times piece about what they called the Travis Kelce haircut? As The Root points out, this is whitewashing, and Columbusing because, like, anyone who’s been paying attention to pop culture should recognise this is a fade… and why are people out here thinking that when a famous white guy does it, it’s the first time it’s ever been seen? I mean, I know why but let’s not forget. (The Root)