GREAT outfit. This is a pretty dress with a pretty print and I’m obviously all about the high collar. But what makes this outfit, what really makes it special, is that she’s worn it with white boots. White slouchy boots. 

Slouchy boots have never really gone away but they are coming in hard this season – and I especially appreciate it because I was never into those f-cking sock boots from last season (which unfortunately are still a thing this season) and the way that boots were being worn all taut and tight to the calf. 

I mostly prefer a slouchy boot with a more rounded toe, like what Olivia Wilde is doing here. Not that a pointed toe slouchy boot is necessarily a bad thing. But sometimes it’s too much of a statement, you know? And a pointed toe boot here would have changed the vibe of the whole look. Sometimes you want to go with an aggressive vibe, and sometimes the outfit calls for more softness. Softness was the right choice here.