Katy Perry was on Kimmel last night telling the story of how Orlando Bloom proposed to her and where. It was in a helicopter. Duana, Kathleen, and I were just in LA for a few days and last night, after an all-nighter, since our red-eye was delayed, we went up the hill to Yamashiro for dinner. The restaurant hadn’t opened yet so  we hung out in the garden to enjoy the view…only there were LAPD helicopters flying around all over the place every few minutes. In my mind then, all I can picture when I imagine this proposal are the cop choppers. (Dlisted)

Natalie Portman and her husband, Benjamin Millepied, were at the Vanity Fair party. She doesn’t go every year. But you know where she went next? Yep, Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s Gold Party. So, again, VF is the quick drop-in, the appetiser before the main course – something to do to kill time before the Gold Party starts. Like the celebrity version of pre-drinking at a friend’s house. (Cele|bitchy) 

Independent Spirit Awards fashion and you know whose look really surprised me? Zoe Kazan. She’s in a dress you’d expect to see on, like, Kendall Jenner, except way more up-market. And I like it on her because she’s not a Kendall Jenner/Emily Ratajkowski type who always shows up in a sheer bottom dress. Zoe is more like prairie dress styles. So when she changes it up like this, it’s actually a style win. She looks great. (Go Fug Yourself) 

I left for LA a day early last week because I was assigned to cover the Captain Marvel junket for etalk, which happened on Wednesday. We’ll have more about Captain Marvel in the days to come, once Sarah has seen it. Quick reaction: I had a good time, Carol is awesome, and Brie Larson and Samuel L Jackson are great together. But of course, because humanity is a f-cking asshole, there’s drama happening over the reviews. Certain men are in their feelings about the movie and are deliberately trying to trash it so that it will bomb, or something, and that way they can prove that women suck, or something. They’re also trying to do the same with Star Wars: Episode IX. Which doesn’t come out for 9 months! This is how much some of these motherf-ckers hate half the human race. Doesn’t it make you feel so safe? (Pajiba) 

OMG all I ever hear about these days, especially after a weekend in LA, is Postmates. Every day there’s a celebrity Postmates situation. The latest: Cara Delevingne. Is there a preplanned “organic” marketing push going on right now? Didn’t they file to go public recently? (TMZ) 

Taylor Swift fans are convinced that Something Is Happening because of what she’s been posting recently on Instagram. I thought about writing a dedicated post about this but then realised I’d be f-cking pissed if it wasn’t an elaborate rollout after all. Still. It probably is. She’s been training her fans now for over a decade to pay attention to her clues. (Buzzfeed)