Being The Ricardos comes out next week, and while reviews are still embargoed, Oscar buzz is building momentum for Nicole Kidman. Awards season remains extremely competitive, but Kidman is looking more and more like a solid pick for a nomination (along with Olivia Colman and Kristen Stewart). Here’s Kidman, along with Javier Bardem, JK Simmons, Nina Arianda, and Aaron Sorkin, or, as Lainey and Duana have dubbed him, “f-cking Sorkin”. I do not like this dress. It feels like half an idea. Like when you procrastinate a class project and hope your teacher doesn’t notice your half-assed presentation because hey, you used pie AND bar charts on page two. Those hip ribbons are the pie and bar charts.


Javier Bardem isn’t getting much traction in the Best Actor race (so far), but he’ll probably be around awards season anyway, because Penelope Cruz is another contender for Best Actress, for Pedro Almodovar’s Parallel Mothers, which many are citing as the performance of Cruz’s career. JK Simmons, meanwhile, is a middle of the road bet for Best Supporting Actor, and the film itself is a similarly solid pick for a Best Picture nomination. We’re not going to be done with Ricardos for a while, so let’s hope for all our sakes, because we’re going to have to look at a lot of event photos over the next several months, that Nicole Kidman ups her game going forward. She is usually more reliable than this on a red—or blue—carpet. As for f-cking Sorkin, I can’t talk about Ricardos yet, but let’s just say, he’s not on my Oscar bingo card.