Moon Knight starts streaming a week from today. As we saw last week, Oscar Isaac is currently on the press tour, serving up look after look, and he’s been on the junket, doing interviews, and during one of those interviews, with Variety, he was asked about the homophobic assholes in Florida and Disney’s bullsh-t response to the situation which Sarah has written about extensively here and here.


Moon Knight is Marvel. Marvel is part of Disney. So that’s the connection here with Oscar, and he’s commenting on the position of the conglomerate that he may have a working relationship with for perhaps the next ten years. That’s what happens when you join the MCU, right? It’s almost never just a one-off, it’s often a decade-long, or more, commitment. With a paycheque that, presumably, is commensurate to that commitment. That’s why Oscar’s remarks are newsworthy: 


As Sarah has already noted, Disney cares more about shareholders than it does about anyone else, including the actors who work on their projects. So I’m not sure that actors like Oscar criticising Disney’s weak sauce will have a huge immediate impact. But to Sarah’s point about the audience, about the current and future generations of potential Disney fans who Disney is depending on to keep them in their billions, they do care about equality and social justice, they do want to hear from storytellers and performers who care about the same issues that they’re engaging with, what they consume is directedly connected to their core value system. That’s why Oscar coming out on the side of human rights, and what is right, is important. 

And he’s doing it in style. More style. I love him in this monochrome look. I’ve loved him in all his looks, but this is a particularly good colour for him and a really good coat length. He knows it too, as we continue to see him flexing and steezing, and this time alongside his wife Elvira Lind – another MCU couple giving us the tall woman/shorter man combination. Moon Knight is linked to Spider-Man, right? So can we eventually get a double here with Zendaya and Tom Holland?