Have you seen the looks that Oscar Isaac has been serving while promoting Moon Knight? Not going to lie, my interest in Moon Knight has been medium – and I’m usually all over the Marvel sh-t, but I don’t know that I have the bandwidth for the darkness right now. It was the same with WandaVision. I watched WandaVision…but later, not when it first came out, because I wanted to be in a different mood.


That said, Oscar Isaac’s press tour wardrobe this week for Moon Knight has definitely moved the dial for me in terms of eagerness, and this is exactly what a press tour wardrobe is supposed to do: clothing is a marketing tool, and we most often see it used by women; but why can’t the men participate? This is what I love about what Oscar has been showcasing. I mean, yeah, he obviously looks amazing. But he also obviously WANTS to look amazing. He’s put thought into what he’s wearing, it’s part of his work. Because presentation is part of an actor’s work. 

Oscar and his stylist, Michael Fisher, worked to build the press tour wardrobe over the course of the week, culminating in his amazing Thom Browne look last night in London. But that actually wasn’t the first skirt he wore. Earlier in the week, he paired a pleated skirt with a leather jacket. 


As Michael said to Vogue, “Oscar has been a long-time fan (of fashion label Commission) and has been wanting to wear skirts for press and events.”

So he’s been thinking about this for a while. Serious actor Oscar Isaac thinks about clothes. Well of course he does. He wants to look good. And he looked great in Berlin in a classic black Valentino suit with crisp white shirt: 

But sometimes he’s in the mood for a Hawaiian shirt over a well tailored pair of brown pants. This is excellent: 


It’s so excellent, right down to the socks. Here he is in deep red loafers with red socks that work with his bourdeaux pants: 


And then, finally, the Thom Browne, with the one striped sock. Look at him. He is FEELING the sh-t out of himself…and he should. Because he’s wearing the sh-t out of this fit. While promoting a movie in which he stars as Marvel’s latest superhero. Sure, technically, he’s a lot more complicated than a basic “superhero” description, but for all intents and purposes, this is the genre. And this is the lead actor promoting the project in multiple skirts, continuing the push of men’s fashion into a more open space.

Oscar Isaac attends a special screening of Marvel Studios' new series "Moon Knight" at The British Museum on March 17, 2022 in London, England.