Cynthia Erivo is promoting her lead role in Harriet, the first ever film about Harriet Tubman. As Sarah wrote in her TIFF review of the film, “there should be a million movies about Harriet Tubman”. Right now, though, Cynthia is celebrating her performance, which could be in contention for an Oscar nomination. But first, people have to know about it, see the film, opening next Friday, November 1. And that’s why she’s on a press tour, that’s why this press tour wardrobe is bombs and fire - OMG the looks she’s been serving this week!

Cynthia is now working with Jason Bolden who also styles Ava DuVernay, Storm Reid, Serena Williams, Vanessa Hudgens, and one of my favourites, Yara Shahidi. Look at his amazing work, look at Cynthia at the Harriet premiere earlier this week. This dress. Those sleeves. That print. I am obsessed with all of it. 


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But we’re not done with the fashion porn, or with the green. Because this came next: 


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It’s one of the best examples of pink and green we’ve seen in the last few years. The different stripes, the piping, the buttons, everything about this dress is perfect. 

Still not done. The green continues with this adorable dress featuring a tiered skirt that she wore at Sirius XM – pretty and fresh and light and cute. It’s the kind of outfit that can change your mood, makes you want to skip, not walk.


Speaking of walking though…check out Cynthia walking down the hall in her most recent look this week – part flight attendant, part sailor, part cheerleader, all boss. The sheer shirt under the open shoulder dress is a tricky design detail, if not done well it could be sloppy, so it all depends on the execution and, of course, who’s wearing it. This is a slamdunk. A whole week of slamdunks. 


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