We haven’t done one of these in a while but since Kate Beckinsale is on the promotional circuit, she’s been serving a lot of looks. More looks than anyone else this week, so it’s only fitting that she’s wearing the OOTW. 


Here’s Kate in New York heading to an appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon in white fitted dress with gold platform sandals, which I was relieved to see. Because for a minute I was afraid, afraid that it would be clear plastic heeled sandals – they’re showing up everywhere and I hate them and I was worried she’d be tempted by them, because it’s an obvious choice with a white dress, but bless her, she went with gold and this is correct and better. 

As for the giant ruffle sash – a good construction, non? This could have easily gone limp, and it doesn’t, it holds up well, but not too stiffly, so that there’s no droop, but still moves, but also holds up, without it feeling like there’s a board around her shoulders. And it’s not super distracting when she’s sitting down either. 


A worthy Outfit of the Week indeed.

And I’ll throw in some extras here since she’s giving us so much. Also attached – Kate in an all-black outfit, a tube top and high-waisted satin pants. I feel like this is her version of athleisure.