Did we plan for a Katie Holmes post on the day that Top Gun: Maverick comes out? I promise, we didn’t. It just worked out that way. And this is a legitimately good look! 


Katie was at The Silver Ball: The Moth’s 25th Anniversary Gala to honour David Byrne last night in New York. The orange dress is so pretty, so perfect for late spring when it can get a bit chilly at night. The colour is great on her. I love the high collar, I love the texture, how it fits her around the waist – with just enough definition but loose enough so that it’s comfortable – and I love how much movement there is in the skirt. 

But… if we’re talking about love… well…it would appear that Katie is in LOVE. She and Bobby Wooten III were first papped together last month, out and about in the city, and at one point her mother was around, seen hugging Bobby, so it would seem that he’s well integrated into her life. 

And now they’ve attended their first public event together, and walked the carpet together for the first time as a couple. By celebrity standards this = serious. 


But can we talk about her posture? Katie Holmes is on the taller side for a female celebrity – about 5 ft 9, if not 5 ft 10. Bobby is not as tall as she is in heels. And maybe it’s not my place, being a short girl commenting on a tall girl because I don’t know the tall girl struggle so I’ll just ask the question: is it deliberate, the way she’s tilting her head when they’re standing side by side, so as not to look that much taller than him? Or maybe it’s an unconscious thing? And if so, if both, what do we think of that? I’m talking to the tall girls out there… 

And I have a few very close tall girl friends, including Duana, who has written on this site about the specific challenges of being a tall girl and what it’s like being the tallest girl in a group and feeling like the other, but who now, after the accumulated wisdom and confidence that comes with experience, probably would not do a head dip when standing next to someone who isn’t as tall because no girl, tall or short, should be making herself smaller. 


Not that I want to sound like an empty slogan on a t-shirt, because I do understand that we all, unfortunately, have hang-ups about something to do with our physicality. And not everyone can be Zendaya who wears the tallest heels and stands at her full height when she’s next to Tom Holland – in part because Zendaya always makes the presentation of the outfit the priority! Maybe that’s the case to be made for the tall girls: do it for the outfit! 

One more outfit to show you, and I have nowhere else to put this so it’s going here. The Monaco Grand Prix is this weekend which means Lewis is on the runway and this is the Monte Carlo Friday fit – head to toe Louis Vuitton, pyjama styles: 

Lewis Hamilton of Mercedes-AMG Petronas F1 Team arrive into the circuit before free practice of Monaco Grand Prix in Monaco City Circuit in Monaco-Ville, Monaco, France, 27 May 2022