I have a thing about hoods, especially hoods worn formally. Or formal-ish. A woman in a hood on a red carpet is so many things, not all of them the same: mysterious, modest, provocative, secretive, demure, coy, shy and shady… but never, ever boring. 


One of my favourite hooded looks of all time was Anne Hathaway at the 2015 Met Gala. Love this so much: 

Anne Hathaway at the 2015 Met Gala

And of course we just saw a bridal hood this week with JLo’s third wedding dress: 

Jennifer Lopez's hooded wedding gown

Those two examples are fancy though. Whereas our Outfit of the Week takes a more casual approach, at least in the material, though no less stylish. Lori Harvey at the premiere of Me Time. 

Lori Harvey attends the Los Angeles premiere of Netflix's "Me Time" at Regency Village Theatre on August 23, 2022 in Los Angeles, California.

Stop it! This is too good!


It’s basically a hoodie… like actually a hoodie, even an old one because there seems to be some intentional distressing. But we’ve seen hoodie dresses before, oversized ones usually, so this is a hoodie that’s become a slip dress with a random denim-y panel thrown in at the bottom just for kicks… 

But I would change one thing. Why the side part? Annie did it too. To me a middle part would make this even better, non? 

The only “problem” with it is that it’s from the Greg Lauren 2015 collection, which means it’s probably not available to regular people and that f-cking sucks because while I am never one for a slinky body-con slip dress, I can definitely get down in one that starts off as a hoodie. 

Lori Harvey’s style instincts this summer have been STRONG. What is she going to bring to the carpet when she’s actually STARRING in a movie?!