This is an example of how a good accessory can elevate an outfit. 

Sanaa Lathan was at the premiere of The Best Man: The Final Chapters in LA this week. The pieces here are simple: black leather thigh-high boots over black leggings, and a long blazer. The addition of the gold chain belt makes all the difference. 


And it’s a great belt to begin with, so you need something more subtle to highlight it, to make it the main character. I love that this belt is a chain attached to a chain attached to a chain. The two bottom strands create an arc and they’re perfectly centered which gives the overall look some symmetry – it’s pleasing to the eye, but not too perfect, which is where the hanging coin comes in on one side. 

But there’s function in the belt, too, because it blouses the blazer, resulting in a tuck effect at the waist. I also appreciate the sleeve length here, slightly longer, mid-way to her fingers, like oversized but barely. And, of course, she looks so comfortable. Chic, fashionable, and comfortable. Excellent styling all around.