This is the Outfit of the Week because I’ve been thinking about this gym outfit on Vanessa Hudgens all week. She stepped out on Tuesday wearing this after her workout – a matching metallic set that is super cute on her, and now I’m wondering if I need a metallic gym set. 


In the before times? When I actually went to a real gym? I would never. Too much of a heatscore. In the now times, though, my gym is my living room. Being a heatscore is not an issue. The treadmill is permanently parked where a chaise longue used to be. My free weights, a weighted bar, and my mat are never put away, they just sit permanently on the floor. So nobody is seeing me in a metallic gym set if I get one, it would be only for me, which is how it should be. So should I? 

It might be because I’m super into metallics right now after I got a gold metallic swimsuit which I am now obsessed with. Does my swimsuit need a fitness partner? 

While we’re here, since Vanessa’s been papped a couple of times at the gym this week, might as well show you her other fits. She had on a red python print set on Wednesday and was back in another pair of metallic shorts, this time a blue-ish tone, for the spa yesterday.