A few days ago when Cher stepped out in London in an amazing black and white jacket with a matching beret, I wondered whether or not I’d be able to find any good photos for the Outfit of the Week and Chrissy Teigen came through!

And this is an outfit that’s basically a whole mood for the year. 


We’ve all been living in variations on athleisure or pyjamas in 2020 and we’ve all seen the advances in athleisure and pyjamas this year because of it. The prints are cuter, the fabrics are nicer, the cuts are more and more stylish and detailed – sweatpants that are wide legged, tapered, cuffed, drop-crotch in all kinds of colours and materials; sweatshirts with hoods, different necklines, long and shortsleeves, cropped and oversized; and like it said, it’s the volume of it. We had these options before, but in limited ranges. Now? A sweatsuit is like the new shift dress, thank God, because I f-cking hate a shift dress but you can find a goddamn shift dress in every goddamn colour and in the before times, it wasn’t always guaranteed that you’d be able to get the tie-dye sweatsuit in the colour combination you wanted and without the hood, or with the hood, or in joggers instead of traditional track style. 

Anyway, here’s Chrissy in a lounge fit, purple velvet, open jacket style, that you can dress down for a trip to the grocery store but also dress up, if you want, for dinner. She’s chosen to belt it, which perplexes me, because I don’t know why you’d want to restrict yourself, but I’m also not too mad about it since she’s also showcasing the versality of this set. Purple, like, this, in this fabric especially, is usually accompanied by a wand and someone playing a wizard. But there’s really nothing Merlin-dore about this at all. 

I think I might need to track down some purple velvet for the new year.