Normally when Celine Dion turns a city street into a runway, it’s in Paris during Fashion Week. By the way, her tour stops in France, conveniently, during Fashion Week in July – amazing how it worked out that way, non? 

While that’s still three months away, though, this week Celine’s been performing in the New York area and she knows we’ve needed her, since it’s been so dull. So she’s been serving us one look after another, with hair extensions and wigs, and of course, beaucoup de Face. Celine Fashion Face is one of our planet’s greatest natural resources; it gives energy to every demographic – people mature and young, no matter the gender, no matter the class, no matter the race… do you know how rare this is? A celebrity who appeals to everyone? There is no one who has ever existed who would skip over this video, NO ONE. In fact, most of us have to watch it at least three times:

And, of course, it wasn’t just the fashion. There was another Celine moment that went viral this week. Have you seen this yet? Maybe you saw the shorter version, it was the version I saw first too. And…well… some assumptions were made:

Would the Queen of All Feelings actually put a bitch face on for a fan who’s singing her heart out to her though? Would she? NEVER. 

Ever, ever, ever. 

Not Celine. 

What you’re seeing is Celine in full monarch mode, benevolently giving her time to a commoner. And then blessing her in the end. Here’s the complete video: 


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And the even more complete video: 


Celine took the time to take the praise, to appreciate it, to FEEL it, and then BLESS it. How could you doubt this?