Jada Pinkett Smith hasn’t been on a red carpet since the Oscars. And up until that point, she’d been on a really smooth red carpet groove. As she shared during that entire award season, when it was basically an award show or a campaign event every weekend, she was revelling in the freedom of “not giving two craps about what people think of this bald head of mine”, leaning into her baldness (due to alopecia) instead of hiding from it. So many of her looks accentuated her baldness, including her Oscars look – one of my favourites of the night. That green Jean Paul Gaultier dress was a lot of dress: high collar covering her entire upper body and then an enormous bouquet of ruffles with not much skin exposed so as to further highlight that she has no hair. It was spectacular…and, unfortunately, no one remembers it. 


So it’s been almost nine months, but Jada’s style streak continues. She made her first red carpet appearance since the Oscars this week alongside her family at the Emancipation premiere and …I mean… this dress is unreal. 


As you can see, Jada is still working with that formula – a lot of material, no skin showing above the waist so that her head is prominently featured. And also to better feature the dress! Because it is a work of art! 

I love how slouchy the top is because it’s basically a cape dress. See it from the back (third slide in the carousel above), how it falls from her shoulders…only the cape turns into a flouffy cloud, a flouffy mullet cloud. Or piles of icing in the form of a skirt, it looks like dessert. It is exquisite. She is exquisite. 

And also Willow. Because it’s been a minute for her, too. Willow has been performing and she’s made public appearances but no red carpet appearances since the Oscars. And her return to the red carpet is as thrilling in her own way as it was in her mother’s case. 


First of all, I’m super into this wavy chin-length bob, it’s giving me bob envy. And then the choice of the simple black waistcoat over these wicked pants…

It’s giving rock and punk and attitude and edge and clearly no f-cks to give. Which was exactly what she was trying to say with this look: