The black-ish series finale aired this week after eight seasons. While I can’t say that the later seasons were as strong as the earlier ones, eight is a good run and there is much to celebrate. For Tracee Ellis Ross in particular, I’m excited to see what’s next. Not that there’s any rush. Eight seasons of network television with syndication, especially after her salary was renegotiated a few years ago? And on top of the residuals she was receiving back with Girlfriends… she’s got the money for the time. 


She also can do anything. Comedy, obviously, which she’s known for, but even in comedies she’s flexed her dramatic range. Bow went through post-partum on black-ish. Bow and Dre were separated for a while too. And the show covered a wide range of issues from police brutality to racial profiling to colorism to the 2016 presidential election and more. When the show was at its best, it managed to find the humour through the pain, and Tracee and her co-stars all managed to find that sweet spot. Then of course there’s Tracee, the host. She’s hosted major award shows, she’s comfortable in a live setting so that’s a possibility too. I would not be mad if she was offered her own talk show. 

For now, though, and this week in particular, it was saying goodbye to the Johnsons, and a wardrobe fitting for the occasion. Her most spectacular fit was the feather and sparkle dress she wore for Jimmy Kimmel Live! The colours on her are glorious and the open back… so good.


This a Germanier design, made from upcycled materials.

But there’s also this look, Christian Siriano. I LOVE this colour for this particular material. The fit is perfect. And those platforms are killllerrrrrrr. Really interesting shade, like just the right space between blue, violet, and grey. Which means it could totally work as a neutral, goes with anything.