Meghan Markle was papped yesterday with Archie. Page Six has the exclusives, which you can check out on their website and their Twitter. As we’ve seen, Meghan, Harry, and especially Archie are not papped very often. This is the first time Archie’s been photographed by the paparazzi in LA, actually. He and Meghan were papped in Canada but since they moved to the US a year ago, they’ve been able to stay out of pap range for the most part and keep Archie completely out of pap range until now. 


When we’re talking about celebrities and paparazzi, particularly in LA, there’s always a conversation about staging and whether or not pictures are set up. Today is Prince Louis’ third birthday. And House Cambridge has released a new photo to celebrate the occasion: 

I love how thrilled he looks to be on his bike heading to nursery with his backpack on. LOL. This is the age when there’s real excitement to go to school. Remember when it used to be fun to go to school? In my case that lasted about a week. 


Anyway, given the timing of Louis’ birthday and this Archie sighting, some are wondering if this is a petty-off. I live for petty, so I wouldn’t be mad if that was the case but we don’t know yet if it is. Here’s what we’re working with. Page Six and the pap agency, so far, have not revealed WHERE these were taken and WHEN they were taken specifically. In fact, they’ve cropped out any identifying location details for the shot so Meghan and Archie could be on any sidewalk in California really, and the details have been presented generally. They were in LA, OK, but what neighbourhood? Pap agencies often tell you – Brentwood, West Hollywood, Los Feliz, Silver Lake, Century City, etc. We don’t know where Meghan and Archie were. And we don’t know when they were where they were. 

That may be because they don’t want to give it away to other pap agencies so that they can keep their exclusive, in the hopes that they secure another set. But that doesn’t explain the date and why that hasn’t been shared, at least not yet. The date is important though because if there really is some petty sh-t going on, it depends on when these shots happened since the whole petty theory hinges on Louis’ birthday. If they were indeed taken super recently and intended for release now, then sure, petty it is. But if they were taken not super recently and held –agencies have been known to hold pictures to protect the shots and not alert either other paps or the celebrities to their presence – the question is why. 

Harry and Meghan have, up to this point, actively pushed back on paps. They sued a pap agency and sent it into bankruptcy not too long ago, specifically because they took photos of Archie with Meghan in Canada. Based on that, I’m not sure that we can rule this as a paparazzi set-up. We may end up hearing a few weeks or months from now of them going the same route with these recent photos. There are many ways that the Sussexes have gone Hollywood but given their history, and their documented stance against their child being photographed, I don’t know that these pictures are an example of the Sussexes going Hollywood. 


Speaking of going Hollywood, according to Page Six, in yet another Sussex exclusive, Harry had a meeting with philanthropist Wallis Annenberg on Wednesday, the day after returning from London. Harry and Meghan have a charitable foundation, they’re working on various social justice causes, and it’s totally pedestrian for foundations and non-profits to be making connections with potential donors. The meeting, then, isn’t necessarily noteworthy, it’s the location: San Vicente Bungalows. Going to San Vicente Bungalows is VERY Hollywood, it’s as Hollywood as it gets. San Vincente Bungalows is these days what Soho House was for a long time. Not that Soho House isn’t around anymore, it’s just that right now, San Vicente Bungalows is the preferred members-only situation in town. The reason I bring up Soho House, however, is because of its familiarity to Harry, well before he started dating Meghan. Soho House was started in London and Harry’s been through there along with his friends many, many times. It’s long been rumoured that that’s how he and Meghan were connected. San Vicente Bungalows is the same vibe – exclusive membership, privacy prioritised, but sometimes compromised. There was a breach at San Vicente Bungalows recently with Justin Bieber. And this seems to be another breach, if a member is going to Page Six about Harry showing up there.

As much as San Vicente Bungalows will try to shut down these violations though, it’s also a very Hollywood thing to do, trade secrets and information, and share insider tips, to the media. Publicists, agents, studio reps, celebrities themselves, they do this all the time. That’s the world Harry and Meghan are now a part of. 


Interestingly, though, it’s a world they just left. The royal institution, as we’ve seen, leaks out information to the tabloids all the time, compromising Harry and Meghan to the point of betrayal. They may have bounced from England but they won’t be able to escape the paparazzi and scratch-my-back-I’ll-scratch-yours game with the media, certainly not in Hollywood. 

On a less serious note … 

Archie in jeans!

British royal children aren’t allowed denim – and royals in general are very sparing with their denim wear, usually – but here’s little Archie rocking up in jeans. That’s definitely something the Sussexes have been able to escape: the weird pearl-clutchy rules and regulations that get imposed on royal family members, even the little ones.