PEOPLE Magazine reported a few weeks ago that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle had adopted a new dog, a black lab, and that the name is Oz. The palace has yet to confirm any of this information. So we’ve been waiting to see the new Sussex puppy, to be officially introduced to him or her. 

Yesterday, this showed up on Twitter:

That’s a verified account and not some random with an egg in the corner. But wait… that’s not a black lab. Not even close. And it’s not exactly a high res shot. So… is this the dog or not? 

The palace is saying that that wasn’t Meghan. Multiple outlets, including TMZ , are reporting that their royal sources are insisting that it’s a case of misidentification. 

Lisa Petrillo, who took the photo however, is insisting that she saw what she saw. And now I’m not sure what is it that I’m seeing, I’m so confused. 

Anyway, in other Meghan news, she’s on the cover of the new issue of PEOPLE about how she doesn’t know who to trust and has “lost touch” with friends she knew from her old life. Quick answer to the question about who to trust: not her dad’s side of the family, that pretty much covers most of it, non? It’s understandably tricky though, building and rebuilding an inner circle. Because so many of the people she used to be in contact with or are still in contact with have their own sh-t to promote, their own agendas to pursue, which is their right, of course, but their profiles are that much bigger for the association with Meghan. Suits was always a successful show. But think of the even bigger spotlight the show was under since Meghan and Harry became a thing. Every time anyone from Suits goes anywhere, they’re always being asked questions about Meghan. And they’ve all respected her new position and the situation. But not everyone is as considerate and, if they feel like their window is closing, they might want to capitalise. 

Here’s Prince Harry today visiting the Royal Marines and having a cute moment with a service dog. Can we please get some shots of him with his own dogs?!