Every day the universe gives us a new reason to ask…

What is the world?! 

Pamela Anderson sat front row at the Chanel show today at Paris Fashion Week. There was a time where that would have seen impossible. But Pam lives in Europe now. She’s dating a French soccer player. Her Instagram is all black and white and as Vogue points out, she also captions in French. This is Pamela Anderson 2018. In Chanel at Chanel. For a Chanel show on a fake beach, showcasing a collection that they’re saying is all about “giving women a break”. 

Many of the models took off their shoes and walked barefoot in the sand. They wore leggings. They wore slides. They even wore bike shorts. Chanel bike shorts? How much are these bike shorts? Would you crotch-sweat through a pair of $800 bike shorts? That said, as many have pointed out, if there’s anyone who knows about a beach walk, or a beach run, in spandex, it would be Pam. 

Here are some of the looks from the Chanel runway. When I think of Chanel though, it’s Kaia Gerber’s outfit that will always invoke the signature classic – beautifully structured top over a chain belt!