Tiffany Haddish looked amazing at the Demi Lovato People’s Choice Awards last night. This dress is perfection on her, the fit is flawless, the print is lovely. She’s working the most out of that slit and her hair right now, short like this, really plays up and brings out the design elements.  She was really feeling herself too, as evidenced by her Instagram feed, because she posted shot after shot of herself – as she should! Were they taken by Common? (Go Fug Yourself) 


I’m sorry…what? What are they doing at a school in France when the parents were late on the school run? When I read this headline, I thought “child-tossing” was a euphemism for, I dunno, whatever it is that people fight about on mommy blogs. It is not a euphemism. It actually it what was happening at one school with kids and throwing over the gate. Parents had to be told to stop that sh-t. And the sign! MY GOD THE SIGN! (Dlisted) 

Jack Black was trending on Twitter. And, well, these days, when a celebrity is trending on Twitter it’s because they either did something with BTS or… they did the opposite and f-cked up. Jack Black did neither of those things. He did a good thing. It gave people joy. And he gave himself joy. It was his joy and enthusiasm that made this the special moment that it is that you won’t remember tomorrow. (Pajiba) 

I really, really, really love the Christian Siriano dress that Jennifer Lopez wore to the Demi Lovato People’s Choice Awards last night. This shade of red is not my favourite and if the material could have been in some kind of print of would have preferred it but also, this is one of the best ways to work with taffeta and no one works a dress like JLo. She was accepting the Icon of the Year award and dedicated it to women of colour who “have to work twice as hard to get the opportunities”. Isn’t that the truth. (Cele|bitchy) 

The last time I took one of these “soulmate” quizzes it f-cked me up because it actually got Jacek’s initials right: JS. This time… well… Jacek’s first initial did not come up. It’s a dessert elimination game (I eliminated brownies, I hate brownies, anything with raisins, candy corn, and some other sh-t) and now apparently my soulmate’s name begins with a “C”. (Buzzfeed)