There are two things about this Patti LuPone interview that I love: the first is that she called Andrew Lloyd Webber a “sad sack” because that’s such a specific insult, you don’t just hurl it around randomly; it applies to a specific type of person. Google Andrew Lloyd Webber now with that in mind. It’s perfect, right? But the second thing I love about this is that it’s OK to ask her the question – to ask her about people she might have beef with. Because she will go there! (Dlisted) 

Jake Gyllenhaal rescued a dog the other day and even though he hates me, I have to love him for this. Because when a dog is scared and it’s in the middle of the road (my heart is beating really fast right now because as a dog owner, this is the most terrifying thought), it’s hard to get them back, even for the owner. They’re spooked and they can bolt if they feel unsure. That Jake was able to coax the dog to him is a big deal. If that were me, I wonder if he would have left me there and let me get run over. (Cele|bitchy) 

I was not wondering where Rita Ora was but the Fug Girls were and they’ve found her in an all-red outfit that, well, is totally Rita Ora. (Go Fug Yourself) 

This is great Instagram content from Kate Beckinsale. I’m not as flexible as she is but I do love being stretched by a trainer, although it’s been years. It feels SO good. Like bad, but good. Every time I ask Jacek to this to me he just ends up getting dirty. Just watching this video of Kate getting stretched makes me feel better. But also, I do not think she looks like Ryan Reynolds, do you!?! (Pajiba) 

What’s wrong with me? It’s been a while since I’ve done a Buzzfeed quiz – but this one is perfect. What is your percentage of evil based on the Disney villains you choose? I got 50%...which is kind of a disappointment? (Buzzfeed)