Yesterday, a surprising piece of news came out that Warner Brothers will be skipping Hall H at Comic-Con next month, which means no DC Films panel, as has been the case the last several years. That means no Joker (I REALLY wanted to see Joaquin Phoenix cope with Hall H), no Birds of Prey, and no Wonder Woman 1984. However, yesterday was also one year to the day from when Wonder Woman 1984 comes out, so Patty Jenkins took to Twitter to assuage the disappointed masses with a glimpse of Diana’s new look. Check it out:

I LOVE IT SO MUCH. I think pretty much everyone loves this poster and Diana’s new duds. I love how bright the poster is, which is hopefully in keeping with the 1980s stylings of the movie, but also suits Pride Month perfectly. (Diana is a bisexual icon, don’t @ me.) I also love Diana’s new look, with the boots and the pants and the cape. The gold and the cape remind me a lot of Hippolyta’s costume from Wonder Woman, which is a nice continuity touch. There is still boob armor, but there will always be boob armor, so at this point I just shrug off the boob armor. The overall look is GOLDEN and STRONG. And I don’t mind losing the miniskirt. I know it was based off the armor of ancient Greek Hoplites, but that doesn’t make it any less in service of the male gaze. All I want for my superheroines is that they get to exist outside the male gaze. Set Wonder Woman free!

There are set photos of Diana in the skirt, so that costume is still in the movie. Thanks to the need to sell new toys for every movie, though, superhero costumes are constantly tweaked and redesigned with each return to the big screen. My hope is that the gold armor is something Diana evolves into over the course of 1984, like it’s her post-Justice League look. We’re moving into a new era of DC movies where they don’t have to fit into one person’s specific vision for the whole franchise. I’m hoping this gold armor is Patty Jenkins’ unique vision for Wonder Woman. 

I really enjoy Wonder Woman—the “No Man’s Land” sequence is one of the best, if not THE best, hero moment in any superhero movie to date—but there is no getting around the many ways it is shaped to not annoy men. Wonder Woman is a movie that really made me think about the difference between “for, by, and about”. Wonder Woman is for women, but it’s not really about women. I really want to see a Wonder Woman movie that is not only for women, but about women. I’m not here to compare Wonder Woman and Captain Marvel, as if only one of them can exist, but Captain Marvel was about women in very specific ways. (And you can tell it was about women based on the way men reacted to it.) That’s what I want for Wonder Woman, going forward. That’s what I hope we get with Wonder Woman 1984. That Patty Jenkins can envision Diana in this rocking gold armor, not sexualized for the male gaze and still looking like a total boss, is extremely encouraging.