BREAKING NEWS! Penguin Random House just announced that Prince Harry is writing a memoir! The release date is late 2022 so we’re still a year away from publication. So now the UK tabloids have a headline for tomorrow’s papers, and I wonder if there’s a scramble now to change print versions of their Tuesday editions. You can imagine what the speculation will be by morning as every royal pundit will be chiming in with their perspective that they’ll sell as legit information…even though they had no idea that this was happening until the news came out. So get ready for another week of wild royal headlines and drama. 


More on this tomorrow but here’s something to consider before we all start gossiping: the timeline. Page Six broke the news, which then resulted in the Penguin Random House press release. So they evidently got a tip from someone in the publishing world that this was happening, and it was related to JR Moehringer’s involvement and not someone from the Sussex camp; from what I’ve heard from a couple of sources, they approached the publisher for confirmation, and that set off a chain reaction with the announcement. If that’s how it all went down, then, keep in mind to side-eye whatever reporting follows in the next few days because it sounds like there are a lot of people who had no idea this was happening and if they now claim to know exactly what Harry is writing or saying, their sources are suspect. We’ll pick this up tomorrow. 

The Fug Girls aren’t feeling Maggie Gyllenhaal’s final Cannes gown but I’m not against it. I like the contrast in fabrics here and sure, while the red skirt part of the dress does kinda fall limp, I would rather the two-tone of it than a full gown that matches the top because that would be super… generic? (Go Fug Yourself)


Earlier today in my post about Zendaya I wrote about vaccinations and variants and how COVID is surging, once again, in certain territories. It’s happening in England, and this means that several productions have had to be shut down, including the Game of Thrones spinoff, House of Dragons, and Bridgerton season two, which means we might have to wait even longer for Lady Whistledown to spill the tea. So, no, the pandemic is not over. Let’s get vaxxed, keep our masks on, and stay safe. (Dlisted) 

I don’t talk about Foo Fighters enough, even though I have almost all their albums and several songs on several playlists. There are no bad songs on There Is Nothing Left To Lose and my two favourite Foo Fighter songs are on that album: “Generator” and “Aurora”. Some consider their best song, however, to be “Everlong”, off The Colour and The Shape. I love “Everlong” too, but I had no idea there was so much backstory to it. (Pajiba) 


Wait, what? Supposedly Jennifer Aniston has been seeing Gabriel Aubry, Halle Berry’s ex. This is coming from Us Weekly so… I don’t know if I believe it. (Cele|bitchy) 

Lately I’ve been obsessed with a new restaurant that opened in my area that serves Korean fried chicken, which is double fried and lifechanging and also, OMGGGGG, bulgogi kimchi fries. I ordered them for a dinner party with friends last weekend who had never tried them and they were transformed. Also Jacek, who had never had them before, lost his mind. So now that Korea’s most celebrated bbq restaurant has opened in LA… when will it come to Canada?! (Eater)