Dear Gossips,  

It is one week till Creed III, and as Lainey declared, when Michael B. Jordan is serving this much content, then we’re going to serve the MBJ content. MBJ was back at it last night, alongside Tessa Thompson and Jonathan Majors, at an HBCU fan screening in Atlanta of Creed III


Atlanta mayor Andre Dickens was there, which is sort of interesting because he is in the fight of his life over “cop city”, a proposed police training facility that requires bulldozing acres of forestland within the city. Just a couple weeks ago, he had a townhall meeting with Morehouse students that did not go well. Presumably, he’s looking for some good press alongside MBJ and Creed III.

Less controversially, Da Brat, pregnant with her first child, and her wife, Jesseca Dupart, were also there.


But let’s not saddle MBJ with the Andre Dickens’ problems. Not when he is one week out from his directorial debut, which is getting mostly positive reviews (I see it next week). Early reviews are specifically noting MBJ’s handling of the boxing scenes and use of IMAX, and people are already calling for him to do an action movie. An action movie is right in MBJ’s wheelhouse, but I would also like to see him do a rom-com. Like A Journal for Jordan but not f-cking sad. MBJ is creeping onto my list of “actors I just want to be happy on screen”. It feels like he's been solidly divvying his time between action stuff like Without Remorse and dramas like Just Mercy and Jordan for the last several years, maybe it’s time for MBJ to do a buddy comedy. Or an enemies-to-lovers workplace rom-com. Or just anything where he gets to smile a lot. I’m not picky.

Anyway, enjoy these photos of three incredibly good-looking people, being incredibly good-looking. Do we think MBJ and Tessa Thompson coordinated their outfits?

Live long and gossip,