Last week I posted photos of Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas at her place in Venice seemingly moving the last of her things out of there because she’s permanently living with Ben now. At least that’s what the photo agency said. Now PEOPLE appears to be confirming the story. Let’s study this article like it’s a school assignment to unpack what they’re trying to tell us. 


“Over the weekend, the Knives Out star, 32, was spotted moving her things into Affleck's Los Angeles residence from her Venice, California, home.

"She had a huge grin and seemed very excited about living with Affleck," a source tells PEOPLE.”

That quote from that source? Sounds like it’s coming from the actual photographer taking those pictures. They observed her huge grin. The use of the verb “seemed” suggests it’s an assumption made by observation and not by actually talking to people. Otherwise they’d phrase it differently. It would be a more definitive word than “seemed”. Next: 

"Ben and Ana really care for each other and they have a good thing going," a friend of the couple tells PEOPLE. "She's aware that his family comes first. And appreciates that. They work very hard at that balance."


Now there’s more specific information and definitive wording. Ana is aware that Ben’s family comes first and appreciates that. Not seems, but is. So here’s the story focus: yes she’s moved in – but don’t worry, just because they’re now living together, doesn’t mean he’s not prioritising his children, doesn’t mean he won’t be a present parent. Of course he’ll be a present parent, as always. And that’s important to Ana too. 

So the takeaway here is that Ben might be in love again but it’s not a distraction. His love with Ana has only enhanced his life. Happy parent, happy children. 

I mean, I’m not sure anyone was suggesting otherwise but if there was a motivation here, an intentional one, it would be to get ahead of that angle in case anyone f-cks with it and continue to favourably position this relationship. Today’s media workshop has not been brought to you by Deep Water, scheduled for release November 13, directed by Adrian Lyne and starring Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas.