So, basically, we hit publish on my post earlier about Dakota Johnson and Jon Hamm and literally one minute later PEOPLE reports that she went out on a date with Chris Martin. Yep. This totally makes sense. So much sense I can’t believe no one predicted it.

According to PEOPLE, Dakota and Chris were seen having dinner at a sushi restaurant and the source describes the two as “cozy, laughing and affectionate”. Which is almost “canoodling” but not quite “canoodling”. She and Jon Hamm never “canoodled” either. The difference between Jon Hamm and Chris Martin, however, is that with Jon, it was a drinks at a bar and, who knows, the people around them could have been friends, a group situation. Dinner, conventionally, always feels like more a proper “date”. You’re sitting at the table, just the two of you. There’s a formality to it that isn’t necessarily there in a pub/bar situation.

So. Chris Martin is really into actresses, non? Gwyneth, Jennifer Lawrence, Annabelle Wallis, Dakota Johnson. Four fully qualifies as a trend, right? As for Dakota, I buy that she would be into a musician. I totally buy that she would be into Chris Martin’s music. Celebrities really love Coldplay. What’s also interesting though is that the friend connections here are getting shorter and shorter. Dakota is friends with Taylor Swift who is friends with Jennifer Lawrence. Once again, this is not new in Hollywood. See also Selena Gomez. That’s just a recent example. The circles are small and they overlap and one day, eventually, your friend is going to date your ex.